Scooby Snacks – Cheese style

by on May 16, 2011

Good evening –

This weekend I’m  dogsitting my favorite pups Pippin and Lucy while their owner is down in Florida.  The three of us always have a blast together from hanging out at the dog park or lake to just snuggling up in bed when I am reading a good book. As many of you may know my social media work is all online and I wanted to look up something fun to do for the dogs.

The recipe is quite easy – you mix all the ingredients into  a bowl then stir them to make a doughy ball. After that you want to take out your rolling pin – and put sprinkle some flour on it (doesn’t stick). I used a cutting board and put tin foil on it to avoid the mess. You treat the dough like you were making cookies – see if you have any special shaped cookie cutters – mine are Christmas themed – a snowflake and Christmas tree.

Once you finish all your dough – and put the shapes on a cookie sheet (sprayed with PAM) put in the oven at 400F for 13 minutes (so it can get crunchy)


Scooby Snacks prepared Scooby SNACks DONE









Now the final touch – to see if the dogs will actually eat them – and here is the answer:

#1 Pippin – COMPLETE #2 – Lucy – COMPLETE

  • Waqas Ali

    Hi Katie,

    Looks like dogs enjoyed the eating part more than you did the cooking. The pictures are beautiful too. ;)

    Good to see you at blogging my friend.

    • katielittle

      Thank you Waqas. I am happy to be part of the blogging community. Yes I think I put in lots of hard work making the treats – and 1 whole bag is already gone (out of 3). Guess I will have to learn more recipes.

      This summer for sure I want to learn how to make some kind of ice cream pop/treat

  • Dating Blogger @

    These 2 photos are adorable and I can’t stop giggling. I heart that you’re doing something amazing! Can I place a few orders?

    • katielittle

      Thanks Nando! Sounds great – will get on your 2 batches this weekend.

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